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Philosophy Talk In Oregon

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The popular radio show Philosophy Talk is doing a tour through Oregon — and stopping in to see us. While in the state, the team will explore the moral costs of climate change at Oregon State University, the nature of wilderness at Lewis & Clark College, and morality more generally at Pacific University. What would you like hosts John Perry and Ken Taylor to talk about on Think Out Loud?

In our Portland office we have our own philosophical debate raging. It’s pretty simple: Batman or Superman? If they were to exist, what hero could best lift a city to a better place?

One could argue we live in a time in need of a hero. We have villainous masterminds — Bernie Madoff to name one — horrific drug cartels and, hate to remind everyone, 2012 — a pending apocalypse. But if we were to turn to one of these cultural icons, who best embodies the hope we seek? The playboy millionaire vigilante or the Midwestern supernatural alien? A man or a superman?

Where do you weigh in on the Batman or Superman debate? What other questions do you have for Ken and John?


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OPB | Broadcast: April 20, 2012