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Political Hangover Wednesday

Political pundits are so breathless about tomorrow’s massive pseudo-national primary that plain old “super” isn’t enough. Tomorrow has been variously called Super Duper Tuesday, Giga Tuesday, and even the weirdly tone-deaf Tsunami Tuesday. (And on and on.)

Whatever you call it, there will be primaries or caucuses in 24 states tomorrow, with more than half of all delegates hanging in the balance. The stakes may be higher for Republicans — in that their races are winner-take-all — but the polls seem closer over all for Democrats. So basically if you’re backing any one of the four front-runners it’s liable to be a tense, late night. (Am I the only one, by the way, who will sorely miss Dan Rather’s chicken-fried pronouncements? Something tells me that Brian Williams won’t be saying anything nearly as piquant as “This race is tight like a too-small bathing suit on a too-long ride home from the beach.”)

What are you watching for on Tuesday night? (Are you watching?) A blowout for your candidate? A messy draw in the hopes that your vote just might mean something in a week or two (if you’re in Washington) or in three months (if you’re in Oregon)?

Has this congested primary season provided you with your candidate of choice — or, at the very least, a selection process you can believe in? Or are you already dreaming of a third party?

Win, lose, or draw, do you know how will you be nursing your political hangover — and figuring out what comes next?


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