Recycled paper is baled for sale at Far West Recycling in Portland, Ore. 

Recycled paper is baled for sale at Far West Recycling in Portland, Ore. 

Courtesy of Far West Recycling

  • The voter turnout rate in the May primary was just 33 percent. But Phil Keisling, director of the Center for Public Service at PSU says that is actually a triumph for Oregon. Also, we’ll get a preview of the upcoming special session of the legislature with OPB’s Dirk Vanderhart.
  • More than five months after China stopped accepting American recycling because of high contamination rates, we ask the DEQ’s Peter Spendelow and Kristan Mitchell with the Oregon Refuse and Recycling Association what’s being done to clean up what’s known as the recycling stream, and what role fines could play in this effort.
  • For more than a quarter century, Oregon State Parks community outreach coordinator Kevin Price has taken students of color to the Columbia River Gorge to teach them about the outdoors. He retired this year, but he is still making the trips. We talk with Price and one of the students, Aaron Leonard-Graham from St. Andrew Nativity School.

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