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  • Amidst increasingly stringent U.S. immigration policies, some international students may feel unwelcome. University of Oregon professor Dennis Galvan discusses an idea to establish “pop-up campuses” for international students abroad.
  • A number of new Oregon laws passed in the last legislative session went into effect on Friday. We’ll hear about three of them.
  • “The Polybius Conspiracy” podcast co-producer Todd Luoto tells us about the story of a 1980s video arcade game that sparked an urban legend that persists to this day.

Editor’s note:  At the time of its release, “The Polybius Conspiracy” podcast presented its story to us as a fact-based exploration of this urban legend. We played tape from what we thought was one of the interview subjects in the podcast on our air and identified him as a man named Bobby Feldstein. However, this man was a fictional character, which was revealed in the podcast’s final episode. “Think Out Loud” regrets presenting this as fact, when it was in fact fiction.

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