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  • Populism is a term that is thrown around often these days, but what does it actually mean? We examine this politically charged concept with the University of Oregon’s Philip Knight Chair of Social Science, Daniel Tichenor.



  • Until recently, many in Oregon’s disability community have had to live with a difficult choice: keep a personal bank account in excess of $2000, or enjoy access to government benefits like supplemental security income and Medicare. Michael Parker, Executive Director of Oregon 529 Savings Networks tells us about a new savings plan that allows Oregonians to save for disability expenses without losing state and federal benefits. We also hear from Kaaren Londahl, an adult self-advocate who testified before the legislature on behalf of ABLE, and Alicia DeLashmutt, who opened an ABLE account for her daughter.



  • Our new occasional series on the Death Penalty in Oregon begins with John Hummel, District Attorney for Deschutes County, who recently shared his thoughts publicly in a letter to the editor.

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