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The Portland Biennial

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Disjecta’s Portland2012: A Biennial of Contemporary Art is a showcase of 24 artists and creative teams based out of Portland. The art will be displayed (and, in some cases, performed) in five venues throughout the city over the next few months. Exhibits range from Daniel Duford’s work in preparation for his upcoming graphic novel to Ariana Jacob’s “social practice” art consisting of conversations with conservatives and libertarians about their beliefs.

Former Portland Art Museum curator Prudence Roberts thought these 24 exhibits illustrated the best art in the city. She had over nearly 300 submissions to choose from.

Are you an artist living in Portland? What do you make of Portland’s art scene? Do you notice any trends in Portland art?


  • Prudence Roberts: Curator of Portland 2012, and professor at Portland Community College
  • Daniel Duford: Portland-based artist and writer who teaches at Pacific Northwest College of Art
  • Ariana Jacob: Portland-based artist focusing on conversation as a medium
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