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Portland's Emergency Response | Left Lane Law | Dahlak Brathwaite

Mount Hood from Highway 26 near Government Camp, Oregon, on March 16, 2017.

Mount Hood from Highway 26 near Government Camp, Oregon, on March 16, 2017.

Bradley W. Parks/OPB

  • Portland Fire Chief Mike Myers joins us to discuss ways that he’d like to see emergency responses improve, based in part upon the experience of other cities that have implemented efficiency reforms. And we’ll hear how the innovations that Reno, Nevada has implemented, as part of its 10 million dollar grant to improve its medical emergency response. We talk to Dr. Brad Lee, the medical director of the area’s Regional Emergency Medical Services Authority.
  • The Oregon Senate recently approved a bill that would restrict use of the left lane of the highway for passing only. The bill now heads to the House. Sen. Ginny Burdick tells us why she is advocating for the proposal.
  • Hip-hop artist Dahlak Brathwaite meditates on race, religion, and the power of ritual in his one-man performance “Spiritrials,” presented by Boom Arts at Disjecta as a part of the Soul’d Out Music Festival.  Performances are April 21-30 - Tickets and details at 

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