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Rebroadcast: Conversations With Hazelnut Grove Homeless Camp Residents

Hazelnut Grove resident Jose Serrica

Hazelnut Grove resident Jose Serrica

Dave Miller/OPB

Jose Serrica has been living without a house since 2011, after he was foreclosed on. Until he came to Hazelnut Grove he says he’d been keeping the vigil outside Portland City Hall, as part of the Occupy Portland movement. He and the other people who camp here at Hazelnut Grove have to agree to a code of conduct, which includes no stealing and no drug use.

Tensions have mounted among campers, however, as more have been attracted to the area, leading to the establishment of a neighboring camp, called Forgotten Realms. The city of Portland is in the process of permitting Hazelnut Grove — at least on a temporary basis. The Overlook Neighborhood Association is opposed to any camping in this area.

Dave Miller visited the encampments back in December when we first broadcast this show. Today we listen back to his conversations with some of the people he met — and talk with a member of the Overlook Neighborhood Association Board.

Dave Miller visited the camps recently and met a few of the residents of Hazelnut Grove and Forgotten Realms.


  • Joe Bennie: Resident of Hazelnut Grove (recorded)
  • Bob Brimmer: Resident of Hazelnut Grove (recorded)
  • Michael Gabriel “Dash” Justice: Resident of Hazelnut Grove (recorded)
  • Raven Justice: Resident of Hazelnut Grove (recorded)
  • Jose Serrica: Resident of Hazelnut Grove (recorded)
  • Wesley Courverler: Resident of Forgotten Realms (recorded)
  • Chris Trejbal: Overlook Neighborhood Association board member (in studio)
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