Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler at City Hall.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler at City Hall.

Allison Frost/OPB



  • We talk with Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler about freeway widening and other transportation projects, why the city is courting Amazon and the idea behind providing a pay bump to incentivize high-ranking police officers (including the new chief) to live in the city they serve.



  • Brynna Hurwitz grew up with a dad with Type 1 diabetes, and now has a 6-year-old son who has been diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. She was recently diagnosed with late onset Type 1 diabetes. She joins us, along with Providence endocrinologist Elizabeth Stephens, to talk about the constant vigilance it takes to manage her life day-to-day, and about some of the differences between Type 1 and the much more common Type 2.



  • OPB’s “Oregon Field Guide” has been on the air for over 28 years, and Steve Amen has been at the helm that entire time. He’s seen a lot of Oregon — and a lot of changes in this state. We sit down with Steve Amen before he retires tomorrow.

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