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Swimming In The Willamette | Cyberbullying | Cycling With Disabilities

Members of the River Hugger Swim Team go for a morning swim in the Willamette River. 

Members of the River Hugger Swim Team go for a morning swim in the Willamette River. 

The Human Access Project/River Hugger Swim Team

  • Last week, Portland’s first downtown beach with lifeguards was opened, and this summer a group of people calling themselves the River Hugger Swim Team are swimming across the Willamette every weekday morning. We talk to Willie Levenson, of the Human Access Project, who has been working for years to change attitudes about swimming in the Willamette.
  • Parents throughout the Salem-Keizer school district are reporting incidents of cyberbullying at Whiteaker Middle School. We hear from Kelly Carlisle, the district assistant superintendent, Haley Percell, a lawyer for the Oregon School Boards Association, and Nancy Willard, founder of Embrace Civility in the Digital Age, about the challenges educators face handling off-campus bullying.
  • The Portland Bureau of Transportation just launched an Adaptive Bicycle Rental Pilot Project, part of the city’s Bike Share program, to provide options for riders with disabilities. PBOT worked with members of Portland’s disabled community to develop the project, including Jeremy Robbins, a quadriplegic cyclist who rides a handcycle.

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