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Portland Social History? There's An App For That

Imagine a guided historical tour around downtown Portland — one you could take any time of the day or night that told you about the the city through the stories of the people who lived and worked here and the social movements they were part of. That’s the idea behind PDX Social History App, from the nonprofit civic organization Know Your City.

Developer Matt Blair says a mutual friend introduced him to Marc Moscato, executive director of Know Your City (then called the Dill Pickle Club). Blair says he didn’t imagine they’d spend the better part of a year just deciding what the project should look like and some of the initial places and histories that would be included. But he says that had to be worked out before they launched the Kickstarter campaign (now complete) to raise the seed money for the app that is officially launching Tuesday:

Know Your City is already moving forward on the next project — a bicycle kiosk that Marc Moscato hopes will serve a similar purpose as the app.

Would you use this app? If you live outside Portland, would you be interested in using it? What other neighborhoods or social history would you like to see included?

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