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Portlanders Will Vote On Options For Street Fee

Photo courtesy of Tom Chance via Flickr

Photo courtesy of Tom Chance via Flickr

For the past few months, the debate over the best way to raise money for street repair and maintenance has been the biggest political fight at Portland City Hall. The latest twist in the saga of the Portland street fee came late Wednesday when Mayor Charlie Hales announced the city will refer a series of options to voters in this May.

In an unprecedented move, Hales said the city will seek an “advisory vote” on multiple options for what it calls the “street fund.” The choices are likely to include an increased gas tax, a progressive income tax, and a local-option property tax levy. “The Measure that gets the most ‘yes’ votes will be scheduled for adoption by the council,” Hales said in a press release. The vote will be non-binding and voting “no” on all options will not prevent the city from moving forward with a new policy.

How would you vote on options for funding street repair and maintenance?


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