Nesting (east coast) cicada killer. 

Nesting (east coast) cicada killer. 

Scott Sherrill-Mix/Flickr





  • A recent survey of tech workers by Portland Women in Tech found that white workers were more likely to believe that company diversity initiatives were working and their companies valued diversity, while people of color and transgender employees were less likely to feel that way. We talk with Megan Bigelow, founder and president of Portland Women in Tech, and Dawn Mott, a software developer.



  • The Ashland City Council is considering an ordinance that would allow police officers to demand someone’s name and date of birth if that person has committed a violation. We hear from Ashland Police Chief Tighe O’Meara about why he believes the ordinance is necessary and from a civil liberties advocate who has concerns. 



  • An outbreak of cicadas has lead to an increase of Western cicada killers in Central Oregon. Their 2-inch-long bodies can be alarming to those who don’t know anything about the insects. Jennifer Andon, a professor at Ohio State University Extension, tells us more about the giant wasps.

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