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Preserving the Harvest

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Do you can, pickle, freeze or dry food in the fall?

I got so excited yesterday when I went out to my garden and discovered one of my tomatoes had finally started to turn red. (Yes, it is October.) I had kind of resigned myself a bounty of green tomatoes this year. They’re delicious fried, but I have five tomato plants bursting with fruit and even I can’t eat that many fried green tomatoes. So, I’m thinking more and more about preserving. Apparently, I’m not the only one.

One local blogger has been documenting her foray into canning this fall. And according to KUOW in Seattle, the economic slowdown and a growing interest in eating local foods has spurred a nationwide resurgence in home canning and preserving. A quick Google search reveals a wealth of information on the subject and Oregon State University runs hands-on classes in the delicate art of pickling, jam-making and other sorts of food preservation.

Do you can your own peaches or make your own tomato sauce? Is food preservation a tradition in your family? What interests you about the many ways to hold onto the bounty of the summer harvest — or do you say forget canning, fresh is best?


Photo credit: kusine / Flickr / Creative Commons

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