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Primary Night Expectations

What are you expecting from the primary results tonight?

After all the ads and door-knocks, rallies and parties, debates and conversations, the Oregon primary is finally here. (At the time of this posting, you still have about seven and a half hours to drop your ballot off. You know you want to. We’ll be here when you get back.)

Besides the presidential primary, which has attracted historic national attention to our corner of the world, what races are you paying attention to?

Were you interested in the question of what, actually, the attorney general’s job entails? Are you focusing on the three state senators vying to take on Rick Dancer as the Democratic candidate for Secretary of State? Has Darlene Hooley’s open congressional seat in the 5th District captured your attention — whether for its no holds barred Republican battle or the Democratic contest pitting a long-time legislator against a long-time advisor? Or is your political jones being satisfied with the often rancorous struggle between Jeff Merkeley and Steve Novick?

What are you expecting from the results tonight? What are there interesting local races or ballot measures that have flown under the radar for too long? What would surprise you — and why?

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