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Princeton President Says Elite Higher Education Is Good Value

Princeton University, Office of Communication, Denise Applegate

Chris Eisgruber became president of Princeton University in July of 2013, after many years as a provost. Eisgruber is in Oregon to meet with Princeton alumni and talk about one of his favorite topics: the value of higher education. He says unlike some other prestigious institutions, Princeton has a robust financial aid system, and boasts that 75 percent of students graduate with no debt. He also says the future benefits make it an excellent investment.

Earlier this year, we spoke with William Deresiewicz about his book, Excellent Sheep, which criticized the system of elite higher education. Deresiewicz argues that students are not being trained to think for themselves, and that instead — too often — name-brand schools turn out the pliant, agreeable animals of his book’s title.

We’ll talk with Princeton President Chris Eisgruber about what he thinks is going well at his university and get his take on Deresiewicz’s critiques of elite higher education more broadly.

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