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Project Dayshoot Returns For 30th Anniversary

Pete Springer/OPB

A few of the black-and-white images in One Average Day feel dated. They show fins on old American-built cars and the images of a placid, new Rajneesh camp in Antelope. But most often — what with clothing now taking nostalgic cues from the early eighties and the unchanged look of many natural and architectural monuments — the photos could have been shot today.

One Average Day was the result of Project Dayshoot, which brought together 92 amateur and professional photographers to document life across Oregon on July 15, 1983. Monday is the 30th anniversary of Project Dayshoot, and to mark the event, they’re doing it all over again. Brian Burk, one of the volunteer organizers of the new Project Dayshoot, told OPB Arts and Life most of those original photographers will return. They’ll be part of more than 100 invited photographers shooting this year.

And because the project is naturally taking advantage of all the social media unimaginable in the ‘80s, amateur photographers can upload their images to Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and other sites.

A book may me made, but for now the images will appear online and in a show hosted by the Oregon Historical Society, which will archieve the photos.

Here’s a few of the photos from the first Project Dayshoot:

Are you taking part in Project Dayshoot? What locations, subjects and events would you photograph?

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