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OSU Group Wants To Promote Healthy Masculinity


Last week, we talked about rape accusations against three basketball players at the University of Oregon. Students rallied to protest the University’s response to the accusations.

Men’s Development & Engagement is an organization at Oregon State University that grew out of concerns about issues like this. The group says it is “focused on encouraging OSU’s men to engage in a process of positive gender identity development with the hope of creating a safer environment for all.” They hope to break down society’s expectations of masculinity, and to educate men about sexual violence and gender identity.

Last month, we talked to two University of Oregon students with a similar mission who created a Peabody award winning PSA.

Tyler Reisnaur heads up Men’s Development and Engagement at OSU. He says the organization started about three years ago following studies that showed men at OSU weren’t succeeding as well as women academically, and had many more problems with student conduct.

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