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Protesting In Portland | 'Land On Fire'

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler speaks with citizens at the Hollywood vigil.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler speaks with citizens at the Hollywood vigil.

Bradley W. Parks/OPB

  • We talk to the Chair of the Multnomah County Republican Party, James Buchal, who says it’s difficult for Republicans to join public protests in Portland. He has suggested enlisting groups like the Oath Keepers and Three Percenters to provide security for Republicans. Those groups are committed to resisting what they see as federal government overreach and are often armed. We get reaction from the Oregon Republican Party‘s Kevin Hoar, and we also talk to Nico Judd, one of the organizers of the Portland Stands United Against Hate march this Sunday.
  • Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler tells us what’s next for Portland after this weekend’s deadly attack.
  • Author Gary Ferguson’s new book, “Land on Fire,” explains why we are facing larger and bigger wildfires in the Pacific Northwest every year.

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