Flood waters damage sections of Highway 187 in Eastern Oregon on Feb. 7, 2020.

Flood waters damage sections of Highway 187 in Eastern Oregon on Feb. 7, 2020.

Courtesy of the Oregon Department of Transportation



  • A controversial rule affecting immigrants seeking green cards will go into effect later this month. The Trump Administration has a new interpretation of an existing policy known as the “public charge rule.” The new interpretation would allow immigration officials to reject applications from people deemed likely to become dependent on public assistance benefits. The rule is facing legal challenges from several states, including Oregon. But a recent Supreme Court ruling allows the new interpretation of the rule to go into effect Feb. 24 even while those legal challenges are pending. We hear from immigration and family law attorney John Marandas and Oregon Health Authority Director Patrick Allen about how the rule could affect immigrants in Oregon.



  • Concordia University announced suddenly that it will be closing its doors and that its spring 2020 semester will be its last. For students who had enrolled at Concordia after Marylhurst suddenly closed its doors last year, the financial burden is compounded. We talk with Concordia senior Lauren Harris and her lawyer Michael Fuller, who is filing a class-action lawsuit on behalf of students who enrolled at Concordia this spring who will not be able to graduate because of the closure.



  • Flooding in northeastern Oregon destroyed homes and displaced residents across Umatilla County. Now that floodwaters have largely receded, the county, along with the city of Pendleton, is starting to pick up the pieces and look ahead to long-term recovery plans. This includes fixing levees, finding housing solutions and helping people whose jobs were impacted. We hear from Pendleton Mayor John Turner about how the recovery is going.

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