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Publicly Financed Questions

Should publicly financed elections be treasured, tweaked, or trashed?

If the Emilie Boyles fiasco wasn’t the most auspicious debut for Portland’s “Voter-Owned Election” system, the sophomore effort — as epitomized by Sho Dozono’s public financing disqualification — isn’t looking too great right now, either.

The ideas behind behind publicly financed elections were something that many people agreed with… in principle. After all, three years ago proponents claimed the system would “ventilate politics, give fresh faces a chance and deliver Portland from the same old, same old,” as an Oregonian editorial wrote today.

But getting from principle to practice has been a rocky road.

Were you a supporter of publicly financed elections before Emilie Boyles and Sho Dozono? Are you still? Do you think that the system needs to be tweaked — or trashed? And what are the national implications of our regional experience?


Photo credit: Melting Mama / Flickr / Creative Commons

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