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Rebroadcast: Alzheimer's Disease Coverage

Pete Springer/OPB

We’re listening back today to our series on Alzheimer’s disease. A recent public opinion poll indicates that people fear that disease almost as much as cancer, yet they also think researchers are farther along than they actually are in treatment and prevention. The toll the disease takes on patients and their families is hard to overstate. We’ll hear about the latest research presented at this summer’s international Alzheimer’s conference and the personal stories of those who are directly affected. There are also national and state strategies being developed. You can hear the entire interview with John Bartholomew about that here. And find out about the town halls that are being held this week as part of that effort.

Are you helping care for a person who has Alzheimer’s? What kind of support are you getting to help you cope? What kind of help do you need? Are you dealing with memory loss or another cognitive issue that could be a precursor to the disease? Where do you think research should be focused? What would you want to tell those who are developing coordinated state and national strategies for dealing with the disease?

alzheimer's disease rebroadcast

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