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Rebroadcast: Discovering David Douglas

Pete Springer/OPB

My son walks by the beautiful cherry blossoms these days and exclaims “spring is in the trees.” He looks at bare branches with a hint of hope, that spring will come to them too. But the evergreens confuse him: why don’t they change with the seasons in the same way? While I can come up with a boring answer to this question, I bet if David Douglas were still alive he’d wow my son with an explanation of natural history.

David Douglas’s name is all over Oregon. It graces a school district, an iconic tree, a Vancouver park, and the scientific nomenclature of more than 80 local plants and animals, but most Northwesterners have only a cursory knowledge of the Scottish naturalist.

A couple of months ago we explored the life of David Douglas with local author Jack Nisbet. Today, as spring approaches, we share that conversation with you again.

To see the original posts, check here. Or, of course, feel free to start a new thread here.

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