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Rebroadcast: Obese People

What does it feel like to live inside an obese body?

Next up in As We Are week, a listen back to our series of conversations with people who are more often talked about than with: Obese People.

As we wrote in the original web post:

  • While the national rise in obesity rates has been well-documented in the media, the stories of individuals experiencing obesity have been less prominent. How do people become obese? What does it feel like to live inside an obese body? How does that impact a person’s daily life?

Those questions remain at the heart of the show. You can read the earlier online responses here, or post your own below. We do have one update from one of our guests. Gina Carter, who was hoping to get the gastric bypass surgery, is moving along in the process. She’s now on the wait-list at OHSU, and is hoping that she’ll be able to have the surgery in March.

Coming up on Thursday: As We Are: Transgender.

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