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Rebroadcast: Salman Rushdie

Salman Rushdie talks with Think Out Loud's Dave Miller at Literary Arts in downtown Portland.

Salman Rushdie talks with Think Out Loud‘s Dave Miller at Literary Arts in downtown Portland.

Tess Freeman/OPB

In early October, Dave Miller sat down with novelist Salman Rushdie at Literary Arts in downtown Portland to talk about Rushdie’s new memoir, Joseph Anton. We began the show at 12:06 p.m. as we do everyday, but at that same time President Obama was addressing the nation about the looming government shutdown and that is what you heard on OPB Radio. If you had tuned in to hear Salman Rushdie you would have missed the first 20 minutes.

So, we decided to use this Thanksgiving holiday to bring you that show in its entirety.

For some pictures from that show at Literary Arts click here. To hear Salman Rushdie read a passage from The Satanic Verses, click here.

And, meanwhile, enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday and this special rebroadcast of Dave’s talk with Salman Rushdie.


  • Salman Rushdie: novelist and author of the new memoir, Joseph Anton

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