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Rebroadcast: Shaindel Beers

Pete Springer/OPB

Warning to listeners: Shaindel Beers almost caused a car crash during her appearance on the show in August. She is a poet and a teacher who is inspired by her students’ struggles and successes.

Beers grew up in the Midwest and came to Pendleton by way of Florida — applying for any academic position she could find far from the Sunshine State after four hurricanes in six weeks and a crazy housing market. Now she loves seeing horses outside her office window.

Beers says she writes poetry because it is “faster than fiction” to both read and write. She describes herself as “the kid who does not sit still, starting in kindergarten,” although as a writer she can tinker for months after getting a first draft on a page.

If you’ve never heard of the infectiously energetic Beers, you’re in for a treat. If you’ve read her first book, what did you think?

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