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Rebroadcast: Transgender

What’s it like to believe you were born in the wrong body?

A new year is often a time of transition, but our guests on As We Are: Transgender have been through bigger transitions than most of us face at any time of the year. Changing gender is a complicated process and a complicated subject — even keeping pronouns straight is a challenge, as you’ll hear on the show!

The most famous transgender person in Oregon is probably Thomas Beatie, the tran sman from Bend who gave birth this summer and says he’s pregnant again. Our guests, Renee Stor and Smitty Amabilis, live their own extraordinary lives out of the spotlight. Renee transitioned to being a woman after decades as a husband and father. Smitty is in the process of changing from being a young woman to becoming a young man.

At the end of this rebroadcast, we caught up with Smitty again. His voice is a little deeper, the stubble on his face a little darker. He’s increasingly seen as a guy, which he likes. But at the same time he thinks he may be most comfortable in the gray zone of ambiguous gender.

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