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Reed College Update

Pete Springer/OPB

Reed College has just made some changes to how sexual assault is handled on their campus — and more changes are expected. From the Oregonian:

A college review of its policies found Reed was out of compliance with federal laws in one significant way. Myers said the review “revealed that since 2009, Reed has been out of compliance in one narrow, but not insignificant, provision of these laws. An educational institution may not prohibit either the accuser or the accused in a college disciplinary case involving a sex offense from ‘redisclosure’ of the outcome of the case.”

Reed has now changed that policy.

Last month on Think Out Loud Reed’s dean of students, Mike Brody, wasn’t sure if there would be time this school year for such a meeting, but apparently time was found: Reed hosted a town hall on the issue last week.

There also seems to be agreement among students, faculty, and the administration about another change: that cases of sexual assault should be handled by a board with specialized training, not the standard Judicial Board.

What do you think of the changes?

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