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Remembering Oregon's Lost Summer Hangouts

For many people, summer evokes memories of hanging out, lazing around, and enjoying time with friends — the days are longer, and more relaxed, and of course for kids, there’s no school. But what happens when cherished places to hang out close down or otherwise change?

OPB worked with historical societies around the state, combed through local archives and talked to people about their favorite summer places that no longer exist.

Bob’s Hamburgers, a regional fast-food chain, has gained a massive cult following in the years since it closed in 2001.  Now, its fans just might be able to bring it back to life.

For Allen Wright, summer in Oregon meant working at Bob’s Hamburgers, the restaurant chain that closed in 2001 after almost 50 years of selling locally beloved burgers, fries and onion rings. The spirit of Bob’s Hamburgers lives on with an active Facebook page and a concession booth at the Marion County and the Oregon State fairs that offer authentic Bob’s meals. 

Mary Cornell remembers spending her summers dancing at The Bungalow Dance Hall in Seaside that hosted big bands on tour through Oregon.

Take a look inside Jantzen Beach Amusement Park.

And Doug Kenck-Crispin says he loved going to the indoor waterslide at the Jantzen Beach Amusement Park.

We’d love to hear from you. Do you have any favorite summertime hangouts that no longer exist?

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