Cameron Whitten

Cameron Whitten

April Baer/OPB



  • We hear from Cameron Whitten about how and why he’s organized an event series called “Reparations Happy Hour.” Whitten is a longtime Portland activist who recently started a nonprofit called Brown Hope.


  • In 2015, the animation production house, ShadowMachine, opened a satellite studio in Portland. Since then, they’ve produced multiple projects. Most recently, they have worked in collaboration with WWE to create “Dallas and Robo,” a cartoon that was just released on YouTube Red. Alex Bulkeley, co-founder of ShadowMachine, talks with us about bringing his company to Portland and creating animated television shows.



  • We sit down with Heather Roberts, the new head varsity coach for the Yamhill Carlton boys basketball team. She is the first woman since the 1930s to coach a boys basketball team in Oregon.

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