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Reporters Look Back on 2011

Pete Springer/OPB

April Baer, Kristian Foden-Vencil and Chris Lehman are three of the reporters you hear on OPB News regularly, bringing you stories from around the state. We asked them to join us to talk about what stories affected them the most. What took up the most of their reporting energy? Which stories do they think are likely to resonate through 2012?

We’ll hear about Kristian’s one-on-one conversation with death row inmate, Gary Haugen. April will share her experiences from days spent with Occupy Portland. And Chris will talk about the death of Senator Mark Hatfield. They’ll all reflect on the economy, politics and other big stories that made headlines.

What do you think were the biggest stories of 2011? How do you think they’ll shape the year to come?


  • April Baer: Reporter for OPB News
  • Kristian Foden-Vencil: Reporter for OPB News
  • Chris Lehman: Reporter for OPB News and author of Capitol Currents
1st congressional district economy gary haugen occupy portland year in review

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