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Republican National Convention: The Platform

Pete Springer/OPB

One of the main events of the Republican National Convention is the adoption of the party platform. At least two delegates from every state and territory are designated to the Platform Committee. Those delegates arrived in Tampa last week to hash out the details of the platform that will be adopted this week.

The platform is a divisive issue amongst politicians and convention watchers. Speaker of the House John Boehner rhetorically asked reporters this week: 

Have you ever met anybody who has read the party platform? I’ve not ever met anybody. It ought to be on one sheet of paper.

But others say that though the platform is very long and overshadowed by other speeches and events during the convention, it serves as a important guide to voters on the convictions and beliefs of a party, long after the spectacle of the convention has subsided.

The platform has not been adopted yet, though parts of it have leaked. We’ll get a preview of what’s in it, and what it means for the GOP.

What does a party platform mean to you? What do you want to see in the GOP platform?

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