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Ibrahim Mubarak didn’t always have a home. That’s one reason he’s dedicated his life to promote homeless rights in Portland. Mubarak has helped found both Dignity Village and Right 2 Survive PDX. And his newest group, Right 2 Dream Too, is currently leasing a prominent lot in Portland’s Old Town/Chinatown district for homeless Portlanders to camp. The space opened earlier this month, on Oct 10th, which was designated World Homeless Action Day.

The group has a one-year lease and a good relationship with the property owner, Michael Wright. Ibrahim Mubarak says he hopes to be able to stay there for the full term of the lease or — with the help of Michael Wright — find a bigger location for people who need a place to stay. Ultimately, he’s hoping the city will suspend its “no camping” [pdf] ordinance. The legal status of the encampment is still not clear.

On Tuesday evening, about 150 protesters at Occupy Portland marched up to 4th & West Burnside in an expression of solidarity with Right 2 Dream Too.

Does the Right 2 Dream Too camp fit with other efforts to address the needs of people who are homeless? Should their encampment be considered a form of political expression or a necessity for the city?


  • Ibrahim Mubarak: Co-founder of the Right 2 Dream Too, the organization leasing the land at NW 4th & Burnside
  • Michael Wright: Property owner of NW 4th & Burnside
  • Sam Adams: Portland mayor

Editor’s note: You can see some photos from the site on our Flickr stream, and a few on our Facebook page.

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