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Rising Rivers

Pete Springer/OPB

While rising river levels in Oregon pale in comparison to flooding in the Midwest, they’re still affecting many people. High water at the Interstate Bridge is causing bridge lifts to happen more frequently, often causing long traffic delays.

There have been other transportation-related effects resulting from high water. The City of Portland closed part of the Eastbank Esplanade indefinitely because ramps leading to the floating sections were unsafe to pass, and parts of the riverside path in Southwest Portland were submerged and impassable.

The Columbia River, which has been hovering near flood stage since May, is being fed by rain and snowmelt from Idaho, Montana, Washington, and British Columbia. The Willamette River is high too, mostly because it’s being blocked by high water on the Columbia. Flooding is also causing problems in Eastern Oregon.

How have the high water levels affected you? Have they affected your commute or your weekend plans?

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