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Rural Broadband | Tree Wells | Commercial Renters | 'A Gentleman Bank Robber'

Skiers make their way along the Marshmallow Trail at Mount Bachelor in this 2014 file photo.

Skiers make their way along the Marshmallow Trail at Mount Bachelor in this 2014 file photo.

Donnie Ray Jones/Flickr


  • Oregon’s Chief Information Officer Alex Pettit joins us to talk about his plan to get broadband internet into vast rural swaths of the state. The bill encountered industry opposition but passed overwhelmingly in the recently concluded legislative session.

  • Last week, a snowboarder and a skier died in two separate incidents involving tree wells on Mount Bachelor. Paul Baugher, a life-long ski patrol member and director of the Northwest Avalanche Institute, joins us to discuss snow immersion suffocation and the hidden dangers of tree wells.

  • Though Portland is increasing renters protections for residential renters, business owners say that they, too, need stronger legal protections from landlords and rising rents. Khanh Le, state director of the Oregon Main Street Alliance, and Marci Pelletier, owner of the clothing store Shwop, join us.

  • A new documentary screening at the Hollywood Theater in March as a part of Women’s History Month tells the story of Oregonian Rita “Bo” Brown, an activist, revolutionary, and bank robber. Julie Perini directed the film.

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