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Rx: Responding to Obama

Pete Springer/OPB

President Obama has made an overhaul of the healthcare system a central part of his domestic agenda. It has certainly became the topic of choice for town hall forums, and talk shows (like this one!) throughout the summer. But for all the talk, the President has so far been stymied much the way Bill Clinton was before him.

Now Congress is back from its August recess, so the President is taking the opportunity to make an unusual address to a joint session of Congress to try to push legislation forward. Speculation abounds about whether he’ll be able to pull it off. But at the very least, it’s another chance for him to communicate to the majority of the Amercian people what they would gain by an overhaul of the system.

Did you listen to the President’s speech? What did you think of it? Do you have insurance through your workplace? Through a private plan? Can you afford your co-pays or deductibles? Are you uninsured or self-insured? Do you work for an insurance company? Or are you a healthcare professional? What did you hear in President Obama’s speech and how would his proposed overhaul affect you?


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