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What are the top issues you’re watching this legislative session?

The Oregon legislature met on Monday to begin its 75th session. Some lawmakers were sitting in their desks for the first time and others returned to pick up where they left off in the 2008 special session. All of them faced the grim reality that the 2009 session will be dominated by Oregon’s economic woes, something the governor mentioned in his State of the State address as well. Republicans and Democrats disagree on whether to raise taxes in the current economic climate. But with Oregon’s unemployment rate already above 8 percent, one of the top priorities both sides can agree on is job creation.

What are the top issues you’re watching this legislative session? What are your hopes or fears about new laws the Democratic super-majority might make? What issues or programs might be derailed by the economic crisis? What’s going to make you pick up the phone and call your local representatives?


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