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Salmon Shutdown?

Pete Springer/OPB

Will there be any salmon fishing at the coast this year?In an average year commercial fishermen off the Oregon Coast catch up to 250,000 Chinook salmon. Sport fishermen catch up to 50,000 more. This year the total number of Chinook and Coho caught might be closer to zero. And it is mostly because of a severe decline in the number of fish in the Sacramento River. Federal Fishery Managers are meeting in Sacramento to discuss how to deal with this collapse in the stocks.

They began by cancelling spring salmon fishing (March 15 to April 15) off the Oregon and California coasts. They also plan to come up with three recommendations for what to do next. One of those recommendations will be to cancel all Chinook and Coho fishing off the coast - all year.

What really caused this sharp decrease in the number of salmon? How will fishermen, who make their living off the ocean, deal with this impact on their businesses? And what should be done to make sure that next year there are enough fish to catch?


Photo credit: mgjefferies / Flickr / Creative Commons

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