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On the Scene with Occupy Portland

Pete Springer/OPB

On Thursday, thousands of Oregonians gathered at Waterfront Park before marching through the streets of downtown Portland. The protest has many supporters behind the scenes who aren’t camping out, but have donated food and supplies. Even with the high turnout and support, the questions remain: what exactly is the movement protesting, and will it ever formulate concrete demands?

The demonstration was organized in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street protest in New York that has spawned dozens of offshoots. (Google has a map of all of the protests across the country.) The Portland Police and Mayor Sam Adams have even cautiously condoned the local effort. Earlier this week, we checked in with some of the most active members of Occupy Portland to see how the planning was going. We’ll talk to them again to see how the first day of the occupation went, and to see if there’s any consensus building on what the movement represents.

Are you at Occupy Portland? What do you think of the protest? What do you want to see it accomplish?

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