An example of 14-year-old Samuel Shin's animation work.

An example of 14-year-old Samuel Shin’s animation work.

Courtesy of Samuel Shin



  • A bill in the Oregon Legislature would establish a fund to support sheriffs’ search and rescue teams by selling a $10 card. Matt English is the Hood River County Sheriff.



  • Caseworkers for Oregon’s child welfare system say they have too many cases to provide adequate care to the state’s most vulnerable children and families. They rallied recently at the state capital to bring attention to the problem, which they say is long-standing and severe. Sandi Springer was a frontline Oregon child welfare caseworker for eight years, and she now works to train and support those workers in the field. She says many more new caseworkers are needed — not to solve all the problems with child welfare, but as a necessary first step to begin to make the system work as intended.



  • Samuel Shin has been pursuing his passion for animation for the past seven years, which means he’s been at it since he was seven years old. He started out doing stop-motion animation with Legos and moved on to Minecraft computer animation. Now he’s balancing his school work at Oregon Virtual Academy with professional animation work for Black Plasma Studios.

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