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Second Chance Summit Takes Up Employing People With Criminal Backgrounds

Nearly one-third of employees at Dave's Killer Bread have criminal backgrounds.

Nearly one-third of employees at Dave’s Killer Bread have criminal backgrounds.

Dave’s Killer Bread

Dave Dahl has been in the news a lot lately, and it’s not for his loaf of Good Seed. The co-founder and namesake of Dave’s Killer Bread was arrested last year on charges including attempted assault, resisting arrest, and failure to perform the duties of a driver when he rammed Washington County police cars during an apparent severe manic episode of bipolar disorder. The outcome of that arrest is set to be decided in court this month.

Dahl’s most recent arrest highlights the complicated issue of recidivism and its connection to mental health. Apart from Dahl, the company lost a handful of other employees back to the criminal justice system last year says Genevieve Martin, Community Development Manager at Dave’s Killer Bread.

Nearly one-third of all Dave’s Killer Bread employees have criminal backgrounds. A desire to retain employees was a motivator for the company to organize the Second Chance Summit, which will bring together non-profits, government stakeholders and businesses to discuss best practices for employing ex-cons. The summit will also tackle issues of re-entry into society and reducing recidivism.

We’ll speak to Ramona Mathany, Founder and Director of All Star Staffing & Labor; Genevieve Martin, Community Development Manager of Dave’s Killer Bread and organizer of the summit; and Wilhelm Mutz, an employee of Dave’s Killer Bread who has a criminal background.

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