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Sen. Wyden Wants Transparency On Drone Program

Pete Springer/OPB

In the days before President Obama’s pick to lead the CIA began Senate confirmation hearings, Oregon Senator Ron Wyden joined ten other lawmakers in demanding more information on the administration’s use of drones. Obama’s nominee, John Brennan, is a White House counterterrorism advisor who helped devise the drone program. Some argue targeted drone strikes against American citizens abroad have been unconstitutional.

Obama partially gave in to the senators’ demands, though Wyden, who serves on the Senate Intelligence Committee, wants to see more on the legal justification for killing American citizens with drones. Wyden pressured Brennan during Thursday’s confirmation hearings to be more forthcoming with the rationale behind the drone attack.

What questions do you have for Senator Ron Wyden? What information do you want to see the Obama administration provide or withhold regarding the use of drones?

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