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Sexuality at George Fox University

Pete Springer/OPB

A group of George Fox University alumni calling themselves OneGeorgeFox is asking the school to reconsider its policy on sexual conduct on campus. The campus “sexual purity” policy prohibits unmarried students from being involved in sexually active heterosexual or homosexual relationships. OneGeorgeFox is focused specifically on the part of the policy that bans homosexual relationships. The group started a few years ago when three alumni began meeting with campus administrators about their concerns. Recently, they made those concerns public through an open letter to the George Fox University community and a “coming out” event that attracted more people to their cause.

A separate student group called GFU Common Ground has also cropped up on campus and their focus is very similar. Their message is “God loves you, gay or straight.” Both of these groups say their main goal is to engage in a dialogue about faith, sexuality and acceptance.

The university has responded with a statement that reads, in part,

George Fox University affirms the full humanity and dignity of every human being, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. We recognize that there are individuals who identify as LGBTQ or as having same-sex attraction within our community. They are valued … We believe that God has intended sexual relations to be reserved for marriage between a man and a woman. We recognize that this belief may be in conflict with the practice or vision of the larger culture, as Christian beliefs have been in other times and places. Yet we hold to the historic Christian position on this issue while being respectful of those who disagree with us.

Are you a student, professor, or administrator at George Fox University or another school with a similar policy? Are you an alumni? What’s your take on the discussion going on about LGBTQ relationships on campus? How do you reconcile faith and sexuality when these issues come up in your life?


  • Paul Southwick: George University alumni, former adjunct professor in the communications department and one of the founders of OneGeorgeFox
  • Sarah Baldwin: University pastor and Dean of Spiritual Life at George Fox University
  • AJ Mendoza: Junior at George Fox University and president of GFU Common Ground
  • Tim Timmerman: Professor of art at George Fox University
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