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What's Your Pick For Oregon's Official State Book?

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Editor’s note: you can see the full list of our listeners’ suggestions for Oregon’s state book here.

This week, The Oregonian/OregonLive editorial board asked the question, “what should be Oregon’s official state book?” There’s no actual movement to pick a state book, but the board argued that since Oregon has a state microbe (brewer’s yeast), it ought to have a state book as well.

After all, Oregon has a sterling literary pedigree:

  • It’s given us fiction luminaries like Ursula K. LeGuin, Ken Kesey, Beverly Cleary, Raymond Carver, Katherine Dunn, and Chuck Palahnuik.
  • It’s the land of non-fiction heavyweights Cheryl Strayed and Barry Lopez.
  • It’s been home to famed poets William Stafford, Edwin Markham, and Paulann Peterson.
  • It’s a leader in the comics world with writers like Craig Thompson, Matt Groening, and Joe Sacco.

And there are dozens of other cherished authors and books from and about Oregon that would be worthy of representing the state.

We liked the prompt enough to run with it ourselves, and we want to hear from you. “Sometimes a Great Notion?” “Wild?” “The Lathe of Heaven?” What would you want to see as Oregon’s state book?

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