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Should Portland Mandate Sick Leave?

Pete Springer/OPB

Portland City Commissioner Amanda Fritz has introduced a proposal that would mandate employers to offer one hour sick leave for every 30 hours an employee works — up to 40 hours per year. The leave would have to be paid for businesses with more than six employes and would apply to any employee working more than 240 hours per year. Forty percent of Portland private sector employees don’t have paid sick leave.

The proposal has supporters and opponents in the service industry. Proponents say the ordinance would benefit public health and argue it benefits business productivity. The Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Association says it will add to business costs, and doesn’t top the list of employee concerns.

State Senator Diane Rosenbaum says she intends to introduce a statewide paid sick leave bill in the legislature. Three other cities (San Fransisco, Seattle, and Washington, D.C.), and one state (Connecticut) mandate paid sick leave.

How would mandatory sick leave affect you?

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