Homeless camping on a Portland sidewalk in 2016.

Homeless camping on a Portland sidewalk in 2016.

Amelia Templeton/OPB



  • The Oregon Lottery is getting ready to launch sports gambling in the state. We’ll hear how it will work, and what longtime oddsmaker and sports betting consultant James Murphy thinks the state should be doing differently.

  • The Portland State University Homelessness Research and Action Collaborative has come out with its first official deep dive into homelessness and housing insecurity. Director Marisa Zapata says the hope is that by analyzing the social and economic factors related to homelessness and laying out the resources that could be used to tackle them, the report can will help spur a region-wide effort to address the growing problem.



  • The Trump Administration wants to loosen regulations around apprenticeship programs. Oregon Labor Commissioner Val Hoyle is concerned. She’d like to see the apprenticeship model applied to more industries, but says high standards must protect workers from exploitation and unsafe working conditions. We hear from Hoyle about how apprenticeships work in Oregon, and what new federal rules could mean for the future.

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