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State Civil Rights Protections | Wearable Music | Oregon Water Coalition

French horn players perform with the Oregon Symphony (file photo).

French horn players perform with the Oregon Symphony (file photo).

Leah Nash/Oregon Symphony

  • Constitutional law scholar Jim Oleske with Lewis & Clark Law School joins us to address some of the state civil rights issues raised by the new Trump administration guidelines for transgender students and other cases.
  • Intel is collaborating with the Oregon Symphony this weekend to put on a performance created by wearable musical instruments. Neil DePont, principal percussionist for the symphony, and Matt Pinner, Intel engineer, explain how it works. Scott Showalter, CEO and president of the Oregon Symphony, also joins us.
  • Irrigators in central and eastern Oregon should have plenty of water this summer, but drought will always be a worry. Marika Sitz is the new coordinator of the Oregon Water Coalition, which works to educate farmers about water resources.

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