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State Corruption Study

Pete Springer/OPB

The State Integrity Invesigation is a state-by-state accounting of the risk of corruption in state governments. Preliminary information is out now. More details and rankings will be released on Monday morning.

The study didn’t look at how corrupt each state is. Instead, it looked at the mechanisms to prevent corruption in each state. The areas identified as the most corruptible in Oregon were campaign finance, lobbyist spending, public records requests, and conflict of interest regulations.

April Baer is the OPB News pointperson for the study. She will release an initial report on Monday, and will follow up with several more in-depth pieces.

UPDATE March 19: April Baer’s report can be found here.

Do you have any experience with corruption in Oregon’s government? Where would you like to see better regulations on corruption?


  • April Baer: Reporter for OPB News
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