A TriMet bus and MAX light-rail train cross Portland's Tilikum Crossing bridge in this undated file photo.

A TriMet bus and MAX light-rail train cross Portland’s Tilikum Crossing bridge in this undated file photo.

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  • Measure 106 would prohibit state funding for most abortions. The federal government already bans Medicaid funding for abortion, except in cases of rape or incest or to save a mother’s life. Oregon is one of 17 states that uses its own money to provide abortions to women eligible for Medicaid. Measure 106 would put an end to that, with exceptions for rape, incest or a pregnancy that threatens the life of the mother. If the measure passes, it will also severely limit the abortion coverage available to Oregon’s public employees through their health insurance plans. We’ll hear from Nichole Bentz, the media relations manager for the Yes on 106 campaign, and ACLU of Oregon Executive Director David Rogers, who speaks on behalf of the No Cuts to Care campaign opposed to Measure 106.





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