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'State Of Wonder' In Corvallis | Opioid Lawsuit | Eclipse Cell Coverage | Portland's Tech Scene

Prescription drugs.

Prescription drugs.

  • Multnomah County has announced that it is suing multiple pharmaceutical companies, accusing them of pushing doctors to over-prescribe opioids. The lawsuit is modeled after the lawsuits against the tobacco industry for deceiving the public about the dangers of smoking. We talk to Richard Daynard, who was instrumental in many of those tobacco lawsuits, and to Christine Gregoire, who was Attorney General in Washington state when they sued tobacco companies.
  • Gaps in cellphone and internet coverage have long caused problems for some rural communities in Oregon. Expected tourist traffic for next week’s solar eclipse is drawing new attention to the issue. We speak to Oregon State Republican Rep. Greg Smith about how the issue is playing out in his district, which includes some of the most sparsely populated counties in the state.
  • Recent reporting by The Oregonian’s Mike Rogoway points to a slump in Oregon’s tech sector this year despite an economy that is otherwise on the move. What does the tech landscape look like in Oregon today? State economist Josh Lehner, Portland State Business Accelerator Director Angela Jackson and Portland Angel Fund founder Eric Rosenfeld join us to discuss.

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